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Subject: A Gay Slaves First Time (continued)This story is a childer porno free
true recollection from 1971, when you did not need to be
playing safe. This story depicts gay sex between 2 teenage men. The
relationship continued for 8 years until his death. Copyright pink child pussy 2004.
Daniel took the leash, which he had attached to my new collar. Jason the
Chauffer was excused and Daniel led me to his room. This was the beginning
of my new life as his slave."When I release you from the cuffs, you are going to stand where you are,
head down, until I advise you otherwise." I shook my head, yes. He led me
to the center nudist children russia of the room, and took the key for the cuffs from his pockets.
After opening them and checking my wrists to see if all was okay, he
removed my collar, and headed off to the dressing room. I remained where I
was, head bowed. From this vantage point it was difficult to make out what
was in the room, or what he was doing. I could hear him moving around but
could not make out what was going on.After what felt like an eternity, but was only about 5 minutes he returned.
"Did you miss me Boy? I was getting prepared for your training. childporn photos You will
now undress slowly in front of me, remember not to look directly at me. I
want to see what I have acquired this evening."It was difficult undressing in front of him. My stomach had butterflies,
but yet I felt safe with him. As my clothing came off, he would make
comments, ' free childsexpics nice ass boy,' 'great chest,' 'are child preeten site
those nipples sensitive
boy,' making it very nerve wracking for me. I was able to undress
completely, to his approval. When I had finished, he rose and came over to
me."You may look at me boy. I am very pleased with you, and I know you must
be frightened, but I am not going to harm you boy. I am going to hurt you
though. Do you understand the difference boy?"To my 13-year old mind, I did not understand the difference at the time. I
have since learned that there really is a distinct difference between the
two items."I am going to hurt you, for my pleasure, and yours also. You are going to
learn to follow orders, and take your punishments. I am going to spank
you, and put clamps on your tits, and build you up childmoddel to orgasm but you will
not cum unless I tell you too. You will hurt, and beg but unless you say
the safe word, I will not stop. You are my property to do as I please,
which will be to flog you and enjoy your pain. You want me to enjoy your
suffering for me, don't you boy?"I shook my head yes. I really did want this. It was my first time
realizing that I was his slave and would do what Daniel wanted."I am not going to harm you, or damage you. You may suffer but no blood
will be drawn or bones broken. Nothing will be done to injure you. Now I
am going to cuff you and place you in bondage, but before I do, you will
have this time to back out. I will understand if you do not wish to be my
slave, and I will have Jason drive you home. You must give yourself to me
fully, and of your own free will. Do you wish to do this?" Daniel asked.I had been thinking about this ever since crossing the George Washington
Bridge. I had gone over it in my head, during the time he was preparing
for child porno nude me. I realized that I did want to give myself to him, as his slave,
and lover. I had been preparing myself this whole time too. Although, he
may be only 16, and I only 13 years old, we were both old enough to know
what we wanted. I wanted to be his slave."Yes Master, I give myself to you as your slave, from this day forward," I
said. I placed my wrists out to him as he stood to embrace me. Then he
took the leather cuffs and placed them on my wrists.He strapped the cuffs on my wrists tightly, and asked if they were too
tight. I just shook my head no. Then leading me over to a hook in the
ceiling he placed my hands over the hook and left me dangling there, my
feet barely touching the floor."Are you ready to please me boy, by suffering for me? Do you remember your
orders from when we arrived? " Daniel asked."Yes Master, I'm ready Sir." He ran his hand slowly over my skin, down my
sides and chest. My nipples, which have always been sensitive, stood right
at attention.Master Daniel turned and left me for a moment. When he returned, he boys child porno was
wearing a leather harness and looked very hot. Forgetting my earlier
instruction, not to look at him directly, my 13 year old cock stood at
attention. It did not go unnoticed."You will be punished for looking directly at me, but I am very child blowjob vids
by your reaction, boy."He then revealed in his hands, a pair of adjustable alligator clips.
Master Daniel proceeded to open them, stating we would start slowly. He
placed these on my sensitive nipples, snapping me to attention. He went to
his bed and sat to enjoy the sight children porno movies of my suffering."Boy, you look asian nude children very hot, struggling like that. I love the way you move to
take the pain for me. Are you ready for more, Boy? Want me to tighten them
a little?""Yes Sir, anything you wish Sir."My eyes were tearing but I realized I child idols nudes had given myself freely to him.He turned to a drawer then, and removed the collar, free children porn and leash. He came to
me and placed the collar around my neck and placed a small lock on it."Your mine now, boy. We're going to go downstairs now. When I let you
down, you will continue to avert your eyes, and follow me. "Master Daniel took fucking litle childs a leash and attached children porn galeri it to my collar to lead me to my
new life as his slave. To be continued. ...For comments or questions,
email me at
and put in the subject line Gay Slave Story.
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